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* “A Critical Analysis of Organopathy in Diagnosis and Practice”

* “The Homeopathic Treatment of Sports-Injuries”

* “Science, Evidence-based Medicine and CAM…´s controversial!”  guest post at:

* “The homeopathic therapeutic relationship – a patient-centred union”  guest post at:

* “The Hahnemannian Art of Taking a Case”

* “The Hahnemannian Art of Prescribing”

* “The Homeopathic treatment of sports injuries: A mixed systematic review exploring effectiveness”. Uta Mittelstadt, Rehana B. Issat, Jean E. Duckworth. Journal of Case Studies in Homeopathy 2013; 1(3): 9 – 5

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I regularly write for, and am the founder and Editor-in-chief of ‘Clever H.-the Mag‘. A selection of my publications for Clever H.-the Mag!:

Post-Traumatic-Stress-Disorder and Homeopathy
Between the paradigms – Wilhelm H. Schüssler and the tissue salts
Gaining Control – Angina Pectoris
Healing from the Monastic Garden
Paracelsus – his influence on medical philosophy and thinking
Folk-healers and their secret art
The system ‘Conventional Medicine’ is ailing!
Is the criticism legitimate, and what’s wrong with the evidence?
Touch in the therapeutic encounter
“A picture says more than a thousand words” (Anon)
Homeopathy in India – In the service of many
Father Kneipp and his treatment with water
Shivambu – the ancient therapy of golden juice
Blood-letting – the ancient, modern approach – a close up on leech therapy
E-learning – the convenient way to study?
Cataract and Glaucoma – a differential perspective
Homeopathic help for arthritis ?


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