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I blog on topics surrounding homeopathic medicine and health care at Clever Homeopathy.

Selected publications:

A false positive of heart diseases – the Roemheld syndrome
It´s moon o’clock – time to chime with the moon
Some recommendations for heart and circulatory health
Homoeopathy in the service of football, Olympics and other sports
The vital force – a concept lost?
The implausibility of the Vital Force in the existent medical paradigm
The daily dose of aspirin – a disputable recommendation
OTC homeopathic flu complexes
The so-called emancipation of women – a detriment to children’s health?
Tinnitus … in a nutshell
Ankylosing Spondylitis
The doctrine of signatures: Myth or origin to our plant medicinal knowledge
Croup – relief by homeopathy
What is your worth?
Patient recovery or monetary revenue?
Homeopathy for epidemics – efficacious treatment for many!
The importance of being an informed patient



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