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% pre-published: Some recommendations for heart and circulatory health

    Pre-published at my blog.   This article describes some remedies for circulatory health. The myth of wine being bad for ones heart is dispelled, the ‘Hildegard heart wine’ recipe is shared, Hawthorn as a herbal heart tonic is described, and some homeopathic remedies for circulatory complaints of the legs are mentioned. [848 words…

Working title: Beware, the summer sun!

This article looks at sunburn and sun/heat stroke. It provides recommendations to prevent both, and mentions 1st aid measures to take in the case of a heat/sunstroke.

Working title: First aid to alleviate of golfers – / tennis – elbow

  This article explains Golfer`s – and Tennis – elbow, and recommends & describes 1st aid measures to help alleviate symptoms. [651 words text only – referenced (Harvard style end-text)] 2 images available   Excerpt: With the warmer season upon us, many of us probably could not wait to get out into nature, and to…

Working title: Got a cold? – There‘s gentle help!

This article looks at the common cold and makes suggestions for gentle support to recovery. Some home remedies of old are described 851 words total – 1 reference (Harvard style end-text)   [825 words text only (- title & references)]  2 images available   Excerpt: It’s the colder months of the autumn and winter season approaching and…

Working title: Have you been ‘feeling under the weather’ lately?

This article investigates the phenomenon of ‘meteropathy’, describes the symptom complex, and suggests measures that may promote alleviation and recovery. Recommendations are made on life-style changes, and specific Schüssler salts, Bachflower-, Herbal- and Homeopathic- remedies that may assist at reducing symptoms and promoting relief.

Working title: Trauma following Forest fire infernos

  This article looks at post-traumatic stress disorder using the example of forest fires.  It explains PTSD, looks at its history and calls for sufferers to get help. 705 words total – 0 reference (Harvard style end-text)   [699 words text only (- title & references)]  2 images available   Excerpt: In the wake of the recent…