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This article describes some remedies for circulatory health. The myth of wine being bad for ones heart is dispelled, the ‘Hildegard heart wine’ recipe is shared, Hawthorn as a herbal heart tonic is described, and some homeopathic remedies for circulatory complaints of the legs are mentioned.

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In order to maintain a healthy heart and blood circulation it is not wrong to occasionally take supportive measures. Sufficient movement in fresh air, moderate exercise, such as walking or swimming, or hot / cold alternating baths, are true restorers and preservers of a healthy heart and blood circulation. Proper hydration and healthy eating do the rest for good circulation.

But there are also other methods to support the system.

Red wine is good for you!

Scientific studies have repeatedly demonstrated that red wine is good for your heart! However, only in moderation! With a moderate consumption of red wine, which means no more than 150ml per day, such consumption can reduce the risk of heart disease by about 30%. The reason for this, researchers have found in the composition of the wine. The ingestion of flavonoids and resveratrol, the main constituents of the wine, results in dilation of the blood vessels and thus increase blood flow. Blood clotting is reduced and the formation of clots thereby limited. This in turn reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke. Incidentally, more recent studies have provided evidence that white wine too has these properties.



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