Working title: Beware, the summer sun!



Working title: Beware, the summer sun!


This article looks at sunburn and sun/heat stroke. It provides recommendations to prevent both, and mentions 1st aid measures to take in the case of a heat/sunstroke.

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Finally, most of us might be inclined to say, finally summer is near! Yet with the joys of the warmer and sunnier months comes the added care we have to give to our skin in order to avoid the risk of getting sunburnt.

Prevention is probably the most effective measure to avoid damage to our skin, but it’s also the least fun approach to take. Many of us are longing to get out of those heavy winter clothes, and more than ready, after the long darker months, to soak up the warmth and absorb the sun light.

Yet, in particular, just ahead of the summer season, the joy over the approaching summer can make us reckless, and underestimate the risk that unprotected long duration exposure to the sun may pose to our health.

Long duration exposure to the sun, may turn from pleasure, to a health risk!

Some of us, the ‘un-reformable’, may strive to get their perfect summer tan, while others take it as self-evident to protect against the potentially dangerous rays of the sun.

The WHO has pronounced that the incidence of skin cancer is on the rise world-wide, with one out of three cancers being diagnosed, being that of the skin. The WHO concludes that the main factors promoting skin cancer remain the depletion of the protective atmospheric ozone and the subsequent increase of harmful UV radiation that reaches the earth’s surface. Further to that, the WHO stresses that we, as individuals, have a responsibility to protect ourselves and have to restrict the recreational exposure we have to the sun.


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