Working title: First aid to alleviate of golfers – / tennis – elbow


This article explains Golfer`s – and Tennis – elbow, and recommends & describes 1st aid measures to help alleviate symptoms.

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With the warmer season upon us, many of us probably could not wait to get out into nature, and to take up an outdoor routine, or engage in outdoor recreational sports. Whether it’s re-planting the garden, or getting out onto a sports pitch, many likely forgot that during the winter months we, much like nature itself, were resting more and participated in much less physical activity than we would normally undertake in the summer months. Many of us likely forgot or ignored to ease into activity and to warm up before stepping out onto the tennis court or the golf course.

For the passionate gardener, the professional, or the seasonal athlete, a prime element of physical activity should be the avoidance of injury. This predisposes a warm up routine that prepares the muscles, tendons and ligaments for the physical exertion that is to come. Omitting this step, before engaging in sports or activities, may lead to trauma in the muscles or joints that are being subjected to exertion or strain.

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