Working title: Have you been ‘feeling under the weather’ lately?

Working title: Have you been ‘feeling under the weather’ lately?

This article investigates the phenomenon of ‘meteropathy’, describes the symptom complex, and suggests measures that may promote alleviation and recovery.  Recommendations are made on life-style changes, and specific Schüssler salts, Bachflower-, Herbal- and Homeopathic- remedies that may assist at reducing symptoms and promoting relief.

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Have you felt stressed and uncomfortable in the past days and weeks? Have you felt tired and unable to find the least of enthusiasm to conduct even the simplest of routine tasks? Have you simply not been well? It may be that it’s the time of year to blame.

As much as we are awaiting the Spring after the winter months, the waking of nature and the brighter sunlit days, there may be a downside to the approaching season. This time may be unpleasant, to say the least, for quite a number of people, as spring can bring with it weather extremes and stimulating climates that can heavily impact our health and well-being.

Spring and autumn too, may be times of rapid and major fluctuations in the weather. Not only do these seasons mark the times between the cold winter, and hot summer extremes of the climate range, they are also the months that see swift rises and drops in temperature in the shortest of time, often even in the course of a single day. Typical are also changeable winds and atmospheric air pressure fluctuations that generate climatic conditions that can affect our health. 

It is actually not infrequent that, in particular during spring, across the bench, people are complaining about symptoms such as headache, migraine, spells of dizziness, cardio-vascular symptoms, exhaustion, heaviness of limbs, depressive moodiness, irritability and difficulty concentrating and sleeping.

Scientists have yet to acknowledge the diagnosis of ‘meteropathy’. Yet, albeit research not having been able to identify the symptom complex as a stand-alone syndrome, many people do ‘feel under the weather’ and the number of people complaining of the symptoms associated with this phenomenon is on the rise. Women and the elderly are affected to a higher extent, yet the symptoms may occur throughout all age groups and both sexes, from the young to the aged.

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